Chrome Balls

AISI52100/100Cr6/SUJ2 chrome steel balls have an excellent superficial finishing, a remarkable hardness and a great carrying capacity, together with a very good wear and deformation resistance. Chrome steel balls are equally and fully tempered to obtain the best mechanic resistance. They are used in Precision Ball Bearing, automotive Components (Engine Plug Balls, CV Joint, brakes, Steering, Line Shaft), machine tools, valves & pumps, Quick Disconnect Couplings, bicycle, agitators, electrical appliances, seat slides, lock mechanisms, conveyor belts, skates, castors wheel, and measurement instruments. Chrome Steel Balls International Equivalent Standard AISI 52100-W 1.3505 AFN 100Cr6-B.S. EN 31-JIS SUJ2-ASTM 100Cr6-B

Carbon Steel Balls

AISI1070/1080 Carbon Steel Balls, & High carbon steel balls has remarkable advantage in terms of whole hardness index, which is about 60/62 HRC and grants a higher wear and load resistance compared to common low carbon hardened steel balls. They are commonly used in bike’s accessories, furniture ball bearings, sliding guides, conveyor belts, heavy load wheels, ball support units, low precision bearings, bicycle & automotive components, agitators, skates, polishing and milling machines. They are available in International Equivalent Standard AISI 1070/1085--B.S EN-8 EN-9 --C70/C80.

Tungsten Carbide Balls

Tungsten carbide balls are ideal for applications where extreme hardness must be accompanied by high resistance to wear and impact. High hardness and dimensional stability make tungsten carbide balls the preferred choice for precision hydraulic valves, high-load bearings, inertial navigation systems, ball screws, linear bearings in slideways, gauging and checking instruments, and meters.

Stainless Steel Balls

Stainless Steel AISI 302/304/304L display good mechanical characteristics, toughness and a remarkable corrosion resistance to organic chemical substances, oxidizing agents, food products and sterilizing solutions. Balls are provided in the passivated condition. These balls can be offered in two different types, Magnetic balls & Non Magnetic Balls depending on the end application of the balls. Balls are available in international grades as AISI302, 304, 304L-W1.4300-W1.4301-W1.4307, X10CrNi18-8, X5CrNi18-10, and X2CrNi18-9. They are used in lotion pumps, aerosol pumps, trigger sprayers, household sprayers, perfume miniature pumps, medical application valves & agricultural backpack sprayers. They are also used in food processing, aerospace and military industry

Ruby Ball

Ruby is one of hardest known material with consistent quality available on a commercially economical scale. With a hardness of 2300 HV it is much more harder then most of the known hard materials like ceramics, etc. Ruby raw material is grown in a factory by Melting ultra pure Al2O3 at temperature higher then 2000 deg. Celsius to create a single crystal. This hard material has the ability to be polished to a very good surface finish. Applications which need wear resistance to metals and chemicals use ruby balls for longer life.Special bearings, pumps and valves (chemical pumps, check valves), measurement instruments, pen tips, optical and probing applications, flow meters.

Silicon Nitride Balls (Si3N4)

Silicon nitride balls are used in full ceramic and hybrid-ceramic bearings in applications where ultra high-speed rotation is required. The density of silicon nitride is less than half that of steel, reducing the centrifugal force during bearing rotation which enables faster operating speeds. Silicon nitride balls have an insulating property which is highly effective in preventing electrolytic corrosion. The non-magnetic property of silicon nitride is ideal for use in applications subjected to a magnetic field. Using steel balls in these applications may disturb the magnetic field or effect the rotating torque. Silicon nitride balls bearings are ideally used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and medical diagnostic equipment where magnetic fields are present.