Steel Balls

Chrome steel is a bearing grade alloy steel. This fine-grain martensitic steel has high hardness, exceptional wear, surface characteristics and is exceptional for the creation of chrome steel balls. It is used in various applications such as food grinding systems, vibratory finishing, linear motion components, and check valves.

Precision Grade

Precision Balls are used in automotive Components, CNC Ball screw, machine tools, valves & pumps, Quick Disconnect Couplings, bicycle, agitators, electrical appliances, seat slides, lock mechanisms, conveyor belts, skates, castors wheel, and measurement instruments.

Ruby Balls

Ruby is one of hardest known material with consistent quality available on a commercially economical scale. With a hardness of 2300 HV it is much more harder then most of the known hard materials like ceramics, etc. Applications which need wear resistance to metals and chemicals use ruby balls for longer life.

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About Us

Based in Pune (Maharashtra) Champion Trading Company was established on 1st May 1970, We are leading Supplier, Exporter, Importer of Precision Grade steel balls since decades in India dealing in Stainless Steel Balls, Chrome Steel Balls, Carbon Steel Balls, Brass Balls, Tungsten Carbide Balls, Ruby Balls, Grinding Steel Media…etc